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Canal Scene At Keaton Beach, Florida



591 East US Highway 27
Perry, Florida   32347

Director: Steve Spradley

Office: 850-838-3575
Fax: 850-838-3523


The mission of Taylor County Emergency Management is to reduce or eliminate the vulnerability of people and property of this county to injury, damage, or loss of life resulting from natural, technological, or manmade emergencies. Pursuant to Taylor County Code of Ordinances 26 and Florida Statute 252, it is our goal to work closely with local authorities, Florida Division of Emergency Management, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and the citizens of Taylor County to be prepared to respond to or recover from any possible hazardous situation which confronts our community.


Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan
Local Mitigation Strategy
Important Links
American Red Cross
Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Emergency Management Partners
FEMA for Kids
Firewise Communities
Florida Division of Emergency Management
Florida Forest Service
Florida Sheriff's Association
Taylor County Hurricane Evacuation Map
Taylor County Storm Surge Map
Taylor County River Levels
Traffic Updates
Family & Business Preparedness: Will you be ready?
Severe Weather Awareness Guide
Hurricane Survival Guide
Disaster Plan for pets and animals

Family Disaster Checklist

Family Disaster Supplies Kit
NOAA Weather Radio
Special Needs Registration Form
Guide to Responding to Hurricanes for Businesses and Organizations
Educational Information
Fujita Tornado Damage Scale
Hurricane Names