Taylor County Resolutions and Ordinances

National 4-H Week Proclamation
Resolution for Cathy Sadler
FRDAP Resolution - Sports Complex
FRDAP Resolution - Southside Park
Cedar Island Road SCRAP Agreement
Slaughter Road SCRAP Agreement 
Declaration of Local State of Emergency Resolution 08-2019
Fine for Violation of Density Regulations
Non-budgeted funds received from Georgia Pacific

New 911 Spring Rural County Reimbursement Grant Awarded for '19 FY
New Grant Award
Economic Development Tax Exemption
Road and Bridge Fund
2020 Census Proclamation
Child Abuse Prevention Month
Transportation Disadvantage Planning Grant
Resolution for Moratorium for Internet Cafes
Submit Application to the Florida Boating Improvement Program
Wounded Warriors Proclamation
Abandon a Portion of Doyle Street
Proclamation NCFRPC 
Authorization for DACS
Resolution of Retirement for Clay Olsen 
Board of County Commissioners giving support for Scallop Season
Florida's Water Conversation Month Proclamation
Project Cove QTI2019
Super-Pufft Ad Valorem Tax Exemption
Ad valorem Collection for Fire Protection 
Ad Valorem Tax Exemption Amendment
Elevation Project
Fl. Boating and Improvement Fund Fiscal Period ending 9_2019
Fl. Boating and Improvement Fund 
Mosquito Control
MSTU Fund 
Repeal of Resolution for Taylor County Facilities Authority
Sale of Airport Timber
Setbacks Amendment
Vegetative Debris 
MSTU Funding ending 9_2019
Fee for Disposal of Vegetative Debris
Smokey Bear Proclamation
Vehicle Lease Proclamation
Repeal of Ordinance 2018-02 San Pedro Investments
Extension of the 2019 Assessment Rolls Resolution
Berries Map
San Pedro Supplemental Agreement No. 1 Resolution

Tax Abatement 2018
Joe Collins Retirement
2018 Dual Certification
Escambia County Housing Finance Authority Bond 2018
FDOT CR 361 Bridge Replacements
Opposing Proposal 95
RAO 2018

2017-01 Granting an Economic Development AD Valorem Tax Exemption to Prospect Perry Apartments, LLC
2017-001 Housing Authority not to exceed on Perrytown Apartments
2017-02 The Board of County Commissioners of Taylor County -One Cent Tax
2017-03 The Board of County Commissioners to add additional No Wake Zone to Ordinance # 2000-6
2017-04 The Board of County Commissioners expand the limit of golf carts operation
2017-05 The Board of County Commissioners repealing ordinance # 2017-02
2017-06 Taylor County Florida Amending Chapter 78, Waterways
2017-07 Hurricane Irma
2017-08 Taylor County Evacuation, Hurricane Irma
2017-09 Texting While Driving
2017-10 Neal Dunn Railroad Grant
2017-11 Tropical Storm Nate 
2017-12 Set Boat Ramp Fees  
2017-13 Funding National Sea Grant Program
2017-14 Collecting Non-Ad Valorem Special Assessments
2017-15 Rotary Foundation's 100th Anniversary
2017-16 Notice of Street Closure