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Canal Scene At Keaton Beach, Florida


Director:Melody Cox
Our Mission Statement
To change the Quality of Life in Taylor County.
  • Develop and update a countywide comprehensive grants program.
  • Emphasize quality not quantity of grants pursued.
  • Promote interactions between county departments, municipalities and various organizations.
  • Monitor and identify federal, state and private grant programs.
  • Examine programs and projects that may be eligible for funding and provide research.
  • Inform county departments and community organizations of possible grant opportunities. Provide assistance as so needed or requested.
  • Evaluate proposed grants for cost effectiveness and benefits.
  • Coordinate the tasks involved in the application process.
  • Provide review of grant applications prior to submission to granting agency.
  • Brief appropriate local government supervisors and elected officials on the status of grant activities.
  • Establish and maintain ongoing communication with legislators and state and federal agencies.
  • Work with local media to publicize successful grant efforts.
  • Ensure that grant transactions are properly identified in the accounting records to maintain proper accounting and reporting controls.
  • Assist departments in grants management and contract compliance.
  • Monitor compliance involving state and federal grants to ensure accordance with the provisions of the Federal Office of Management and Budget and any applicable federal laws and the laws of the State of Florida.
  • Conduct review upon closeout of grant.
  • Prepare close out reports for each grant upon completion.
  • Prepare project budgets working closely with County Finance.
  • Prepare monthly and quarterly reports as required by funding sources.
  • Prepare bid packages as so needed for various grant related projects. Obtain quotes and obtain pricing for projects that do not require bids
  • Prepare purchase orders and process bills and statements.
  • Prepare annual Rural Strategic Plan
    Airport Grants
    Airport Terminal & Communication
    Dark Island Boat Ramp
    Hodges Park
    Keaton Beach Trail System
    Major League Baseball
    Hampton Springs Phase I and II
    Hampton Springs Trail System
    Spring Creek Greenway Phase I & II
    Taylor County Nature Preserve
    Riverside Park (Steinhatchee)
    Taylor Coastal Loop
    Taylor Coastal Loop Phase I & II
    Yates Creek Acquisition