Re-Entry Permit Application after  Hurricane Irma

For businesses that may have a legitimate need to enter a location after the impact of a storm you will need a BUSINESS PASS if the area is still closed to the public.  Because there may still be dangerous conditions the county cannot accept liability by allowing you in to work.  Therefore, we have created a Hold Harmless and Application so that you can get pre-registered.  We must have a signed waiver from each person, not just from the owner or CEO.  Please limit the number of request to critical staff only.  We do not have a limit, but we do have a limited amount.
Return the documents to the EOC, 591 East IS Highway 27, and we can issue the business re-entry tags. These are separate from the residential re-entry.  If you own property and have that tag you should be covered although some restrictions with safety may apply.

Hold Harmless, Release and Indemnity Agreement
Critical Workforce Disaster Re-entry Permit Application