Business Disaster Planning

Taylor County - Business Disaster Planning


Following a disaster, it may become necessary for an evacuated business to re-enter the affected area.  Business recovery is an essential function and vital to the return of citizens and the county's economy.  Emergency Management has developed a business tiered re-entry plan composed of three levels.

Tier One: Allows primary infrastructure and major utility companies as well as pre-designated government staff and contractors back into the area.
Tier Two: Allows teams representing major companies and employers with over 50 employees to re-enter the evacuated zone.
Tier Three: Allows business owners and designated employees whose businesses are vital to the return of citizens and the county's economy.
A business may pre-register and request a placard for their responding employees and identify them as essential personnel by contacting the Taylor County Department of Emergency Management 850-838-3575 

The Florida Divison of Emergency Management is also developing a plan for a statewide re-entry program. Most jurisdictions agree that as long as the private sector possessed at least 3 of the following forms of identification and the area they were seeking entry into was determined safe by local authorities, they would be allowed access. You may learn more and view the FDEM website at the Get A Plan logo.