Em. Coordinator

kristy_anderson    Krsity Anderson, Emergency Management Coordinator
The Emergency Management Coordinator assists the Emergency Management Director in the day-to-day operations of the Emergency Management Department. The EM Coordinator is responsible for the maintenance of emergency response plans and equipment and ensures that the Emergency Operations Center is capable of activating to full operational status at a moment's notice. The EM Coordinator coordinates with ERT members and the public to ensure that the EM Department are meeting preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation needs. During emergency situations, the EM Coordinator assists the EM Director in activating the EOC, leading the ERT, and ensuring the location and deployment of resources to the field.

Kristy Anderson has worked at the Taylor County Extension Office since 2007 as an administrative secretary. During that time she assisted with the various public outreach programs and with the youth and 4-H program. Her previous employment includes administrative assistant at Taylor Correctional Institute and the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office. She has also worked as a medical transcriptionist for eight years while raising her children. Kristy is involved in many various charities around Perry including head of missions at Perry’s First United Methodist Church. Her duties include heading up a local food bank, clothes closet, and soup kitchen. Kristy has worked as a volunteer