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Taylor County Grants Department is excited to have quite a few projects underway for 2023. Several projects will be completed in 2023 with a few of the projects being completed in 2024.

Here are some pictures of the current projects, click on RESTORE ACT

Southside Park Rehabilitation
The rehabilitation of Southside Park was completed in April . The project was 100% funded with a Florida Department of Parks and Recreation Grant. The improvements include: playground upgrades, basketball court renovations, new sidewalks, picnic pavilion upgrades, parking improvements and landscaping. The County anticipates removing the old racquetball courts and installing a new pickle ball court.

Hodges Park
The County will be demolishing the existing facilities at Hodges Park in 2024 and building all new facilities. This project will be 100% grant funded with Restore Act (BP Oil Spill) funding and a Land and Water Conservation fund grant. The project includes: a new playground, beach volleyball court, new restroom and picnic facilities, beach renourishment, a boardwalk to the pier, sidewalks, parking facilities, native landscaping, security lighting, and coastal habitat education signage. The estimated cost of the project is $1.5 M. The required topographic survey has been completed and the County Engineeer is currently in the design stage of the park site. It is anticpated construction will be underway in late 2023 and completed in 2024. Grants staff is very excited to see this project underway not only for our coitiens but also for the many visitors to our area. What a way to show off Taylor County and our coastline!

Keaton Beach and Steinhatchee Canal Dredging Project
The County is receiving Restore Act Pot 1 and Pot 3 funds for the dredging of canals at Keaton Beach and the Steinhatchee Boat Ramp basin.
The studies and surveys required required have been completed and the County is waiting for the permitting process to be completed. We hope to have the dredging underway in early 2024.

Keaton Beach Coastal Park
Keaton beach Coastal Park was acquired with a Florida Communities Trust Grant in 2010. Over the years the County has developed the site as funding came available. In additional to the existing park amenities , the County recently installed a new tetherball court and corn hole stations. Horseshoe pits will be added by late summer 2023. We really encourage everyone to use the playground and other recreational amenities at this park once construction is underway at Hodges Park.

Keaton Beach and Steinhatchee Boat Ramps By Pass Feasibility Study
The County received a grant through Restore Act Pot 3 funds for the completion of a Feasibility Study to determine if it is possible to construction a road way by pass system in the Keaton Beach and Steinhatchee oat Ramp areas due to the high levels of traffic in those areas in the summer months. The County anticipates the Study will be underway by the Fall of 2023. The study will determine if the project(s) are feasible and what type of land acquisitions that may be needed if feasible.

Taylor County Courthouse Improvement Project
The County receive a budget appropriation grant through the State Courts for improvements to the Courthouse. This includes much needed elevator upgrades and improvements, security improvements in the courtroom areas, and a Mold Study and Assessment. If it is determined mold remediation and abatement is required the grant will also fund this. The Mold Study is underway and theCounty will know by June is mold remediation is needed. The other upgrades and improvements will be completed by the end of the year.

The County has many other grant projects underway or in the work . Should you need any information on the above projects, please contact our Grants Writer, Melody Cox at . We will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

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