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Minutes and audio relating to an individual agenda will be displayed according to its date. If you would like to be added on the county agenda, please click here.

Except from the Taylor County Board of County Commissioners' Rules of Procedure regarding the preparation of the suggested agenda (section 2 - preparation of agenda; order of business, rule #12-preparation of agenda)

12. Preparation of Agenda.  The Clerk is responsible for the preparation of the suggested agenda. The County Administrator in conjunction with the Clerk's office shall prepare the agenda. The Chair, any Commissioner Constitutional Officer, The County Administrator, or the County Attorney may place an item on the agenda. The Chair and County Administrator will meet to discuss each agenda.

(a) As a general practice, all supporting documentation (original plus 5 copies) must be provided to the County Administrator's office no later than Wednesday 10:00 a.m., the week prior to the scheduled Commissioners Meeting. Item(s) may not be included on the suggested agenda if the supporting documentation is not provided by the deadline unless approved by the Chair. 
(b) A presentation will normally not exceed fifteen (15) minutes.

(c) Agenda review is a session conducted between the Chair and the County Administrator designed for discussion of the suggested Board agenda items prior tot he Commission Meeting. The Char is the final approval authority for the suggested agenda. During a Commission meeting, the suggested agenda may be approved as is or changed at the discretion of the Commission. The Commission can amend the suggested agenda over the objections of the Chair by a simple majority vote.
Taylor County Board Approved Minutes