ABANDONED PROPERTY - means wrecked or derelict property which has been left abandoned and unprotected from the elements for more than 90 days and shall include substantially damaged buildings and mobile homes, wrecked, inoperative, or partially dismantled motor vehicles, trailers, boats, machinery, refrigerators, washing machines, plumbing fixtures, furniture, and any other similar articles which has been abandoned and unprotected from the elements.

JUNK - means any litter, debris, waste materials or any kind, dead animals, used or unserviceable automobile and machinery parts, used and non-functional furniture and appliances, and used and non-functional tools, equipment, and implements, but shall not include compost piles for normal, personal or non-commercial use, in their proper location.

LITTER - means all waste materials, including but not limited to, bottles, glass, crockery, cans scrap metal, paper, plastic, rubber, garbage, offal, waste building material at construction sites, and disposable packages or containers, thrown or deposited as prohibited herein, but not including the properly disposed waste of the primary processes of mining, logging, saw-milling, farming or manufacturing or gardening.

UNSERVICEABLE VEHICLE - means any vehicle which is required to be licensed by the State if used on public streets and which cannot be started or moved under its own power, in its normal and usual manner, without repair or the addition of parts, but does not include any licensed automobile which is undergoing active repair or restoration for display, use or sale, or any vehicle that is registered in the same name as the property owner where said vehicle is stored.

VEHICLE - means every device capable of being moved upon a public highway or public waterway and in, upon or by which any person or property may be transported or drawn upon a public highway or public waterway, including any watercraft, boat, ship, vessel, barge or other floating craft, or which are used exclusively upon stationary rails or tracks, or which are exclusively for agricultural purposes and not licensed pursuant to State law and are not operated on any public highway for purposes other than crossing such public highway or along such highway between two tracts.

SHEILDED FROM VIEW - completely precluding visibility of the subject litter, junk, debris, or vehicle, from all adjacent properties and roadways, such as placing the subject material in a fully enclosed structure which has solid walls and a roof that precludes visibility into any portion of the interior thereof, or placing the subject material in an area enclosed by a solid opaque fence or landscaping which is sufficient in height, density and circumference to completely preclude visibility.

TEMPORARILY STORED - shall mean a vehicle openly stored for no more than sixty (60) days.