"In partnership with our citizens, the Taylor County Board of County Commissioners and its Employees are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all our residents. The Board and its Employees accept the challenge to provide progressive, service-oriented, responsible government, responsive to the people and their need for cost-effective government. We pledge to progressively confront the issues arising from our changing social, physical and economic environment by serving in an efficient, effective, and sustainable manner, with concern for the present and excitement for the future."


We are guided by a vision of a community where citizens enjoy the best small county government in the State of Florida.

One where government is proactive, effective, efficient, dynamic, and service-driven, built on community values and needs, improving continuously its citizens' quality of life, building a sustainable community with outstanding health care, and well-paying jobs, where responsible businesses and industries flourish while preserving Taylor County's natural beauty through disciplined and planned growth.


- We are dedicated to providing our citizens responsible government, characterized by integrity and accountability. We will provide service in a professional manner with a sensitivity to the needs of all residents, our employees and our environment.

- We are committed to the concept that the public, as our customer, and our employees, deserves honest consideration, professional conduct and respect regarding all government activities.

- We believe that accountability and responsibility in handling the public's property and money are essential.

- We believe that our reputation for integrity, credibility and sensitivity to citizen and employee needs is a key asset.