Spring Warrior Road Authorizing  05-06-2024
Traffic Signal Maintenance
Transportation Disadvantaged Authorizing 4_18_2024
2024-01 Fire Truck
2024-01 LHAP 1st Ave Siidewalk
New Airfield Backup Generator for Vault
AVGAS Fuel Farm
1st Ave
Slaughter Road #2
Slaughter Road
1st Ave
Cedar Island Road Authorizing
Charles Mincy
Hurricane Idalia
Final Budgets
Revenue Budget
Solid Waste Tax Rate
Retirement Resolution
Woods Creek Bridge 
Tax Assessments
Design & Construction of High Mast Lighting at GA Apron 
Resolution for Temporary Easement 03-06-2023
Resolution for Deed 03-06-2023
Beach Road Safety Improvement
Pinecrest Sidewalk 
Slaughter Road 
SW Assessment 
Execution of a Traffic Signal and Flashing Beacon Maintenance Agreement
Supporting Operation Green Light for Veterans
Land Conveyance 328
Deputy Scott Williams
Amended and Restated Initial Assessment Resolution for Solid Waste Collection/Disposal 
Tax Rolls Extension
Clark Properties 
Dennis Howell Road Bridge 
Pat Touchton
Perry Foley Airport Sign an Drehab  RW 12-30 Lighting and Signage Amendment
Public Transportation Amendment to the Public Transportation Grant Agreement
Grade Crossing Traffic Control and Future Responsibility
Transportation Disadvantaged Planning Grant
General Fund
Secondary Road Paving Project
Small County Surtax Fund
Granger Bridge
Traffic Signal
4-H Livestock Club 
Contractor's Road
McDaniel Road

CR 531 Dennis Howell Road Bridge 
Uniform Method of Collection
Slaughter Road 
New Pavement Markings
Rocky Creek Bridge
FDOT Perry-Foley Airport
Steinhatchee Acres Subdivision 
Road Closing of Alley 69 on the Steinhatchee Subdivision 
Warrior Creek Bridge
Ash Street
TS Fred Local State Emergency
Tax Rolls Dual Assessment 
Local State of Emergency 8/6/2021
Gas Plant Road
Transportation Disadvantaged Planning Grant
Norman Leroy Tedder Sr.
Old Dixie Sidewalk Project
Big Bend Transit Inc.
Revised Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan
LeGarrette Blount
Aucilla River Bridge 544092
Transportation Disadvantages Planning Grant Agreement
County School Zone Signage
Use of Employee Photo Likeness and Voice Policy
Benefits Continuation during Unpaid Leave of Absence
Reef Fish Shareholders Alliance and Local Fisherman
Non-Violent Civil Rights Demonstrations 
361-Over Spring Warrior Creek Bridge No# 380035
361-Over Spring Warrior Creek Bridge No# 380037 
Method of Collecting Non-Ad Valorem Taxes
Local Mitigation Strategy Plan 
Tillman Clark 
FDOH Pre Hospital Emergency Medical Services Grant Application
Old Dixie Hwy
High-Speed Internet
North Ellison Road Supplemental Agreement No. 1-Signature Authorization
East Ellison Road Supplemental Agreement No, 2-Signature Authorization
East Ellison Road Supplemental Agreement No. 2~Signature Authorization
Transfer of Railroad Crossing and Crossing Traffic Control Devices 
CDBG Resolution 
Traffic Signal and Flashing Beacon Maintenance Agreement
Area of Operation - Escambia County Housing Authority 
Joshua S. Montaad Memorial Highway
Design Phase - Beach Road Safety Improvements LAP Project Signature Authorization
Donaldson Bridge Road 
Houck Road Widening - Resurfacing 
Foley Cut Off Resurfacing - Widening
Applied Biomass Solutions
Transportation Disadvantaged
Perry Foley Airport Lighting and Signage
Local State of Emergency Extension Declaration 03-25-2020
Green Street Sidewalks
Local State of Emergency - COVID-19 #1

Secondary Road Project (Paving) Fund
CR 361 Clearwater Creek Bridge 
1st Avenue Steinhatchee
Abandonment of 8th Street East Steinhatchee
Signature Authorization for Green Street Sidewalk
Second Amendment 
Fire Service 
Internet Cafe Moratorium

Pinecrest Street
General Funding Ending 2019
General Funding 2020
Authorizing the Execution of a Traffic Signal and Flashing Beacon
Resolution of Intent
Uniform Method of Collecting Non-Ad Valorem 
Green Street Sidewalk Interlocal Agreement - Signature Authorization
Closing of Streets

Fra Rail Grant Fund 
Opposition to the Proposed Trout Regulations by FWC 
National 4-H Week Proclamation
Resolution for Cathy Sadler
FRDAP Resolution - Sports Complex
FRDAP Resolution - Southside Park
Cedar Island Road SCRAP Agreement
Slaughter Road SCRAP Agreement 
Declaration of Local State of Emergency Resolution 08-2019
Fine for Violation of Density Regulations
Non-budgeted funds received from Georgia Pacific

New 911 Spring Rural County Reimbursement Grant Awarded for '19 FY
New Grant Award
Economic Development Tax Exemption
Road and Bridge FundChild Abuse Prevention Month
Transportation Disadvantage Planning Grant
Resolution for Moratorium for Internet Cafes
Submit Application to the Florida Boating Improvement Program
Wounded Warriors Proclamation
Abandon a Portion of Doyle StreetAuthorization for DACS
Resolution of Retirement for Clay Olsen 
Board of County Commissioners giving support for Scallop Season
Florida's Water Conversation Month Proclamation
Project Cove QTI2019
Super-Pufft Ad Valorem Tax Exemption
Ad valorem Collection for Fire Protection 
Ad Valorem Tax Exemption Amendment
Elevation Project
Fl. Boating and Improvement Fund Fiscal Period ending 9_2019
Fl. Boating and Improvement Fund 
Mosquito Control
MSTU Fund 
Repeal of Resolution for Taylor County Facilities Authority
Sale of Airport Timber
Setbacks Amendment
Vegetative Debris 
MSTU Funding ending 9_2019
Fee for Disposal of Vegetative DebrisExtension of the 2019 Assessment Rolls Resolution
Berries Map
San Pedro Supplemental Agreement No. 1 Resolution

Tax Abatement 2018
Joe Collins Retirement
2018 Dual Certification
Escambia County Housing Finance Authority Bond 2018
FDOT CR 361 Bridge Replacements
Opposing Proposal 95
RAO 2018

2017-07 Hurricane Irma
2017-08 Taylor County Evacuation, Hurricane Irma
2017-09 Texting While Driving
2017-10 Neal Dunn Railroad Grant
2017-11 Tropical Storm Nate 
2017-12 Set Boat Ramp Fees  
2017-13 Funding National Sea Grant Program
2017-14 Collecting Non-Ad Valorem Special Assessments
2017-15 Rotary Foundation's 100th Anniversary
2017-16 Notice of Street Closure