County Managed / Volunteer Staffing


Concession Manager will oversee and coordinate all Concession Building use and activities.

Taylor County Responsibilities
County will maintain and make Concession Building(s) available
County will purchase and maintain all required Concession equipment
County will purchase and maintain all required Concession supplies inventory
Costs associated with County Management of Facility will be offset through Concession Sales and a $1.00 entrance fee to be charged to game and scheduled event attendees.  Uniformed Players, Rostered Coaches and Referees will not be charged an admission fee.
Concession Manager shall validate Admission through numbered ticket sales.
Scholastic Groups providing proof of a requirement to charge an admission fee by an academic organization (FHSAA, etc.) may charge the required amount in addition to the County’s standard $1.00 admission fee.  The Scholastic Group shall return the $1.00 portion of each entrance fee to the Concession Manager by check made payable to the Board of County Commissioners.
Non-Scholastic Groups may charge up to an additional $1.00 entrance fee.  The additional fee will be returned to the Group via check from the Taylor County Finance Department.

Volunteer(s) Responsibilities
Volunteers will be required to staff entrance gates and Concession Building(s) during scheduled events.
Volunteers must be at least 16 years of age and possess a valid Florida driver's license.
Volunteers must be identified and scheduled no later than two (2) weeks prior to start of season games or scheduled event.  Signed and Notarized Waiver and Release of Liability Forms for use of County Equipment and facility must be submitted to the Concession Manager with the list of Volunteers.
Entrance Gate(s) must be staffed with one (1) volunteer with one (1) alternate identified. 
Numbered tickets and cash box must be signed out and received from Concession Manager one-hour before scheduled event or game.
Scholastic Groups shall coordinate with Concession Manager of beginning and ending ticket count or numbering for determining county portion of Admission Fee.  No Admission Tickets or cash box will be provided for Scholastic Groups.
Concession Building(s) must be staffed by two (2) volunteers with two (2) alternates identified.
Volunteers must arrive at Concession Building at least one (1) hour prior to start of scheduled game or event.
When two (2) Volunteers (or their alternates) are not available or do not arrive when scheduled, the Concession Building will not be opened or available for the event.
During a Scheduled Game or Event, Volunteer(s) shall be available to first staff the Entrance Gate(s) and then Concession Building(s).  In the event sufficient Volunteer(s) are not available to staff both, the Concession Building will not be available for that scheduled game or event (i.e. Concession Volunteer(s) will be reassigned to staff Entrance Gate(s) if Volunteer(s) scheduled to staff any Entrance Gate(s) are not available).

Volunteer Profit Sharing
For staffing the Concession Building(s) and Entrance Gate(s) during a scheduled event, the represented group will receive 50% of the determined Concession Sales profit from that day’s use
Sales Profit will be determined by the Concession Manager at the end of each day and itemized on a financial report
Sales Profit = Quantity Sold x (Sale Price – Inventory Cost to Replace)
Quantity Sold = Ending Inventory Quantity – Beginning Inventory Quantity
Inventory Cost to Replace = Cost to replace item at time of replacement
Volunteer Group will receive their Profit Share via check from Taylor County Finance Department after deposit of Concession Daily Sales.
Daily Sales = Ending Cash Box Amount – Beginning Cash Box Amount
Any missing monies will be first deducted from User Group Sales Profit and will be reported to User Group Scheduler/Organizer and Law Enforcement Authorities
Taylor County Finance Department will issue checks as part of its current bill approval process as reviewed by the Board of County Commissioners at regularly scheduled meetings.