Taylor County Sports Complex

1685 N. US HWY 19
Perry, FL 32347

The Glenn Ratliff Memorial Park Taylor County Sports Complex is located at 1685 N. US HWY 19 in Perry, Florida.
This 74-acre site is situated just north of town among majestic oaks and a tranquil creek. 
Click here to see an aerial of the park! 
The complex offers several recreation opportunities ranging from baseball to a scenic paved walking trail.

Baseball Fields (2-330 ft. and 2-205 ft.)
Baseball/Softball Fields (Skinned infield) (2-205 ft.)
Soccer Fields (3 Regulation size, 3 youth size)
Basketball Courts (2)
Tennis Courts (2)
Playground (2)
Paved Walking Trail (>1 mile)
Picnic Pavilion (5)

Hours of Operation:
The Glenn Ratliff-Taylor County Sports Complex is generally open to the public seven days a week from sunrise to sunset.  However, league games may be scheduled beyond these times.  For scheduling information and reservations, please contact Dustin Russell, 850-584-3029.  Reservations are made according to the following order: public recreation leagues, private recreation leagues, School leagues and general public.

Concession Management
The Board of County Commissioners utilizes a County Managed/Volunteer Staffing format for Concession Building usage at the Taylor County Sports Complex.  This format balances responsible management and fund-raising options in a way that minimizes the financial risk to taxpayers while providing an opportunity to directly benefit the specific groups that are using the facility.

Football/Soccer Fields #1, #2, & #3 and Baseball Fields #1 ~ #4 are not to be used for practices of any type.  Practice goals will be set up for soccer use at the grassed area across the creek.  Baseball practices may be held behind the practice backstops at the same location.  Take Dudley DR to north side of creek, parking available at north parking lot.  Please contact Dustin Russell to coordinate practice times and locations, 850-584-3029.

Park Usage Fees:
The following fees will be charged to users of the Taylor County Sports Complex.  Reserved hours of usage will include 30 minutes before and 15 minutes after scheduled game time.  Any games requiring the scheduled use of lights will be charged the lighted field rate.

Field Unlighted Lighted
LG Field (#1, #2, #3) $25/HR $35/HR
SM Field (Youth Fields) $15/HR $25/HR
LG Field - 330 ft. (#1, #2) $30/HR $40/HR
SM Field - 205 ft. (#3, #4) $20/HR $30/HR

Tournament Fees Will Be Determined Later

Fields will be mowed and striped/chalked upon request.  Requests to have any field striped (painted) will incur a charge of $5 per can used (Green or White).  Double applications are generally needed the first time a field is painted.  An additional charge may be necessary to blot out existing conflicting striping.  Users may provide the needed paint to avoid these charges.  Chalking (batter box/foul line/pitcher circle) will be done before usage at a cost of $10 per field.  Subsequent chalking will result in additional charges.

Park Rules:

1. No tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, firearms or illegal substances allowed on the premises.
2. Children under 16 shall be supervised by an adult at all times.
3. Shirts, shoes and shorts or pants must be worn at all times.
4. No bicycles, motorcycles or automobiles allowed outside of the roadway and parking areas.
5. No skateboards, coasters, or radio-controlled vehicles allowed.
6. No pets allowed unless required for ADA assistance.
7. Camping or leaving vehicles on the premises overnight is prohibited.
8. Be responsible, courteous and place all trash in a receptacle.
9. Enjoy your visit and notify staff in the event of an emergency.

Taylor County Recreation Advisory Board Meetings
Establishing Ordinance (No. 2011-01)