County Engineer: Kenneth Dudley
850-838-3500 ext. 4

The Taylor County Engineering Division is responsible for providing professional support for Capital Improvement Projects and other programs, including assistance to the public on an as-needed basis.

Professional support includes limited surveying, right-of-way information, design, regulatory permit assistance, document preparation, contract administration, and construction inspection services. Other support services include review and joint approval of publicly dedicated subdivisions and streets.

Functional Responsibilities:

  • Provide Survey, engineering, and construction management services.
  • Prepare the necessary federal, state, and local permits for Capital Improvement Projects.
  • Prepare and support the submittals of federal and state grant applications for Capital Improvement Projects.
  • Inspect construction of roadways and stormwater facilities within the subdivision to be publicly dedicated.
  • Review and approve final plats for the Official Records of Taylor County.
  • Prepare graphical presentations with the CAD system for departments and divisions.
  • Responding and providing information to the public in regards to traffic data, flood mapping, aerial photography, etc.
  • Develop, administer and manage contractual agreements with outside consultants and contractors

Regulatory Review Authority:  Pursuant to Chapter 42, Taylor County Code of Ordinances and Florida Statute 336.045, the Engineering Division designs and reviews all projects to a minimum standard as outlined in the FDOT's Manual of Uniform Minimum Standards for Design, Construction, and Maintenance for Streets and Highways, latest edition (Greenbook).

Section 42-888(e)(1), Taylor County Code of Ordinances.  Construction standards. Street construction shall be in accordance with the following standards based on land use category, the density of development or number of parcels requiring access to the street:

(1) When located in the mixed-use urban and/or rural residential, aviation-related commercial, water-oriented commercial, industrial and/or public land use districts, or clustered at a net density of one unit per two acres or greater, streets shall be constructed as a paved roadway and constructed in accordance with the Florida Department of Transportation's Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction and Manual of Uniform Minimum Standards for Design, Construction and Maintenance for Streets and Highways, latest editions, and county specifications as contained in figure 6.01.03-E-2 on file in the county offices.

Section 336.045, Florida Statutes. Uniform minimum standards for design, construction, and maintenance; advisory committees.

(1) The department shall develop and adopt uniform minimum standards and criteria for the design, construction, and maintenance of all public streets, roads, highways, bridges, sidewalks, curbs and curb ramps, crosswalks, where feasible, bicycle ways, underpasses and overpasses used by the public for vehicular and pedestrian traffic. In developing such standards and criteria, the department shall consider design approaches which provide for the compatibility of such facilities with the surrounding natural or man-made environment; the safety and security of public spaces; and the appropriate aesthetics based upon scale, color, architectural style, materials used to construct the facilities, and the landscape design and landscape materials around the facilities....

(4) All design and construction plans for projects that are to become part of the county road system and are required to conform with the design and construction standards established pursuant to subsection (1) must be certified to be in substantial conformance with the standards established pursuant to subsection (1) that are then in effect by a professional engineer who is registered in this state.  These standards are intended to provide basic guidance for developing and maintaining a highway system with reasonable operating characteristics and a minimum number of hazards.




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EJCDC Document - Standard General Conditions of the Construction Contract





   Hingson-Tanner Road - Completed

Construction Plans

Parcel Map


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Small County Rural Assistance Program (SCRAP)
Small County Outreach Projects (SCOP)

Project Name


Begin Location

End Location

Project Status

Contractors Rd


Scale House

Foley Rd (CR 30)

Partially Complete

Roberts Aman Rd
(CR 361B)


Joel Aman Rd

Johnson Stripling Rd


Osteen Rd
(CR 359B)


US 98

Woods Creek Rd


Carlton Cemetery Rd
(CR 30)


Puckett Rd

US 19/27


East Ellison Rd
(CR 255A)


North Ellison Rd

East Ellison Rd

Under Construction

North Ellison Rd
(CR 252A)


San Pedro Rd

East Ellison Rd

Under Construction

Foley Cut-Off Rd
(CR 356C)


US 27

Foley Rd (CR 30)


Houck Rd
(CR 352)

 SCRAP Golf Course Rd  Puckett Rd 


Pinecrest Street
(CR 361)

SCRAP Johnson Stripling Rd North Ellison Rd


Local Agency Program Projects (LAP)

Project Name Begin Location End Location Project Status
 Green Street Sidewalk  Arena Ave  Howard Street    Complete
 Old Dixie Highway Sidewalk  Southside Park Jefferson Street    Under Construction